Kitty Kare

Our Kitty Kare service providers are fully equipped with a cell phone for easy access, a laser pointer for endless entertainment, huge hearts, and a natural love for your kitties. All of our pet-care providers have extensive expertise and have been thoroughly vetted.

Kitty Kare Daily Visits

If you want to know that your cats and house are in the best possible hands while you’re away, they’ll require daily check-ups from a cat sitter. Enjoy your time away from home knowing that your furry friend is receiving the same love and attention that you would give him every day.

Kitty Kare Feeding & Watering

When considering someone to hire to care for your cats, look for someone who genuinely loves them. This is critical when it comes to feeding someone else’s cat without disrupting its normal routine. Cats, as every cat owner knows, are incredibly unique creatures. They can roll with the punches and adapt to change, but they don’t enjoy it!

Leaving for a few days may seem simple to us, but watching their best buddy walk out the door is difficult for cats. This shift may lead them to behave strangely or go on hunger strikes. Cats may interpret this as a free pass to create all sorts of mischief, including overeating and knocking over their water bowl. Maybe your cat falls in the center. Still, it’s comforting to know that someone can be there to feed them on their regular schedule and keep things running smoothly in your and your cats’ house.

Kitty-Kare Litter Box Cleaning

We are all aware of the significance of keeping your cat’s litter box clean on a daily basis. However, there are moments in life when you must make sacrifices or set aside time for yourself to simply relax. When this occurs, your cat will still need to use the restroom, so on our daily visits we ensure their litter box is clean and well-maintained.

Nothing is worse than coming home to a stinking litter box, and trust me, cats despise it 14 times as much as humans do. You may wonder if 14 is extremely specific. Did you know that cats have a 14-times greater sense of smell than humans? That is all the more reason to hire a Kitty Kare specialist from Daffy Dogs to ensure that the litter box is cleaned once a day and replenished on a regular basis.

Kitty Kare Medication Administration

Because our cat sitters can assist with medicine, your cat’s needs do not have to be the reason they are placed in a boarding house (which is anything but a home). We are delighted to discuss your cat’s medicine, as well as any special diets or special requirements. Our objective is to not just care for your cats, but also to make them feel like kings and queens!

Kitty Kare Socialization & Playtime

If you’re anything like us, you’ve often wondered what your cat is up to when you’re gone for lengthy periods of time. When you consider how much your cat misses you, this awe might turn to dread. There is no way to replace the attachment you have with your cat, but your cat sitter can do their best and come prepared with a few tricks up their sleeve to ensure your cat is happy and well socialized while you are away.

Kitty Kare Household Tasks

While our cat sitters will spend most of their time caring for your cats, they are also capable of performing basic housekeeping duties. That means you won’t have to look for someone to water your plants, bring in your mail, or take out your garbage.

Here’s how we may assist with household chores:

Adjusting lights, shades, windows, and other home fixtures, as well as ensuring that the front door is secure.
A mailbox filled with mail is a dead giveaway to burglars that no one is home. We’ll pick up your mail and deliver it to a secure location within your house.
Plant Watering: We may provide minimal plant watering to ensure that your secondary pets do not become dehydrated for an extended period of time.
Garbage Bin Retrieval: Do you have a trash can full of trash that needs to be taken out or returned to the curb? Don’t worry; you no longer need to arrange your vacation around garbage day.

Visit Duration
Our visits will be based on tasks being accomplished. Our fees are based on the number of cats in the household.

30 minutes for 1-2 cats.
45 minutes for 2-3 cats.
60 minutes for 4+ cats.

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